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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing lsbswe
hello and welcome to the introduction tutorial for the new Nevada online licensing system for medical laboratories we hope this video will answer any questions you may have about starting to use this new system which will enable you to easily apply for a license renew your license view inspection results submit plans of Correction make payments and more let's get started you the easiest way to get to the online licensing system for medical laboratories will be through the DPH website at DPB hnv govt the address is circled in red at the top of the slide keep this site on the favorites of your computer as there are resources and information here that will be useful to you the facility locator that you have used in the past has been rebuilt taking into consideration requests from various providers and even more improvements are being worked into the new facility locator format please note that once you have reached the main page of the DPB h website you will need to click on medical laboratory services under the Quick Links area to the right of the page again circled here in red once you choose medical laboratory services from the quicklinks you will be presented with a long page of options there's a lot of information on this page but for this presentation you will need to click the link under click link to open the licensing system at the end of the section titled with the orange header programs and services the link here is circled in red once you've clicked the online licensing system link you will be given the option to log into the system if you're an existing provider with a license number choose the register here link to reach the area for registration in order to register you must have the web ID number you were sent your individual web ID number and a letter mailed in January if you do not have this number you will need to call seven seven five six eight four one zero three zero to get your web ID for registration when you reach this page you must choose business entity from the entity type drop-down menu on the left side of the screen next you will need to choose medical laboratories from the business unit drop-down menu to the right the red circled area with the description and credential number is referencing to your unique license number you must put the license number that is associated with your facility in this area you will only enter the numbers before the letters for example if your license number is 1 2 3 4 e XL - 0 you will enter 1 2 3 4 not the letters not the - and not any numbers after the - once you enter the credential number you then must enter your web ID referenced in the previous slide once populated click on the next button you will be registered and your facility information will be presented it is important that you check the information in your facility profile especially the email address this will be the method of communication that the licensure unit of the Bureau of healthcare quality and...